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It's a full service experience that is a step above; by executing a marketing plan for your home that is technology rich and high in service.  We leverage all available technology tools to provide the most exposure possible for your home, and utilize those tools to increase the communication and service to you our client.

The truth is most brokers DON’T do enough to promote/market homes for sale online. The majority of brokerages in this industry are far behind what technology has to offer. I always say to my clients, it’s free & its how much time the broker invests in it.  Realtors can input your home listing into the MLS and put it on YouTube, Facebook & tweet it occasionally. That’s not enough!  Do they really understand how SEO works? Do they track web traffic to your listing & provide that feedback to you?  Do they use Social Media daily? Are they really social? Are they hyperlocal? Have they ever offered to post a blog about your home sale? Do they ever ask you about the memories you’ve shared in your home? Have they ever asked for a scrap book to tell a story about the home?  Do they market your home daily online – most often the answer is NO! They’re banking on the fact that you’re just as ignorant as they are!  It’s not just any home – it’s your home!  Getting maximum Internet exposure is very important to your bottom line.  The faster you get an offer on the home the better the outcome on sales price!  Many brokers are running looking for their next listing. It’s not about doing a deal!  We will eventually get paid when the sale is final but when it takes months, it cost you money!!!  Social media must be done daily! Yes, it’s a time consuming tedious task but it benefits you the client!  Our clients know us all too well & know how far we’ll push the envelope to market & sell their home with the best of intentions.

It’s about your abellahome, not the home down the street that might sell next week!  We’re committed to our clients not a future client. We will not chase them & beg them to list their home with us for were truly committed to task at hand – your bottom line!   

We provide Outrageous Service to YOU – the client! Every home is an abellahome.

More Local Market Knowledge

Our local brokers are market experts and possess the necessary local market knowledge to both price and market your home effectively.  We pride ourselves on living and working in the communities in which we service.  Backed by one of the first responsive web sites in the area, our technology and professional real estate team is here to serve you.

We charge a 1% Listing Fee and offer a whole lot of other “personal service.”

Align yourself with abellahomes to represent you when selling your home will make all the difference. Technology is moving quickly today & working with our Eastside real estate brokers who understand how the leverage Social Media in today’s fast paced Internet world will make all the difference! 

We are not just your typical Brokers, look no further; Experience the Difference… 

More Exposure For Your Home

To provide you with the greatest reach and exposure, our local real estate team will provide you with internet, print and other marketing mediums to promote your property; including our local MLS, internet syndication, paid placement on some of the most visited real estate web sites, and a virtual tour video with exposure on YouTube and Property Tube.  The marketing strategies used by The Cascade Team are proven and help us achieve more exposure for your property to all potential buyers.

According to NAR 88% of buyers use the Internet to search for available properties. We have all heard brokers say they market homes on the Internet.  What does that really mean? When a home is listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) it’s suppose to get that property listing onto other websites; like Trulia, Realtor.com, Zillow, etc…   Having your home as a “featured listing” will rank higher when searching for homes on Trulia or Zillow.  Placement does matter; it makes it easier for potential buyers to find your home for sale.  However, having all this technology doesn’t replace hiring an broker to sell your home but rather increases your chances of selling.  Abellahomes is a paid advertiser on both sites.

More Communication

We know that when selling your most valued possession, you want to be in the loop every step of the way.  Customer service and communication is our top priority.  We leverage automated feedback and local market activity reports, along with weekly updates on how our marketing is actually working; something that very few brokerages are willing to do.  We feel it's important to keep our clients in the loop, and that's just one more way we exceed your expectations.

At abellahomes we work together with our Sellers & collaborate to make it personal unlike the traditional way of real estate.  Traditionally, sellers and buyers are discouraged from sharing personal information because it may jeopardize the sale. Social media provides a certain amount of distance between people, allowing you to use a more personal touch in highlighting the features of a property. Tell a story about your home & we’ll blog about it! It’s a Social Media Marketing Campaign staring your HOME! Write a blog post about why someone might want to live in your home & post photos, videos, and share stories.

This communication between the seller & buyer online can make a connection. The seller is able to share what they love about the house: inside, outside, what’s great about living there, the change of seasons, what’s nearby, the community — everything from the owner’s point of view. The house, in this way, can become more than a collection of rooms — it becomes a home in a buyer’s eyes.

We believe in sharing often by posting content daily! That’s what SM is all about. Posting regularly helps you build interest and followers over time, and ensures you remain at the top in searches for your keywords. We post daily on a range of subjects designed to inform potential buyers about the house and increase their interest in the property.

Creating compelling content on multiple platforms is a time-consuming endeavor and needs to be agile to be effective. The future of real estate marketing is changing. Playing an important role along with your real estate broker will connect all the right dots to serve you and bring a successful sale on your home.

Simply Outrageous Service!

Our brokers are Full Service. We are a real estate company like no other, because of the tools, service and savings we provide our clients with. We understand that in today’s fast paced environment, we need to provide a high level of service, utilize technology to keep our clients up to date at all times and provide added value to both buyers and sellers in the transaction. By leveraging these technological tools, it allows our brokers to focus more of their time to servicing our clients, and also provide the most comprehensive marketing program available. In the end, you get the perfect combination of online tools and personal service when selling your home.

We're with you every step of the way. We help educate you about the market and trends to set the proper price for your home. Our advanced marketing strategies make sure that your property gets maximum exposure. Our Brokers are there through the offer negotiations, inspection response and negotiations, and all the way through a successful close.

If your real estate broker isn't offering you all the tools mentioned above, don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll implement our cutting edge real estate marketing plan to sell your house fast! Fill out the form below and one of our local real estate brokers will contact you with more information.

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